Modeo Live


How Modeo Live Works

Modeo Live is a portable Electronic News Gathering system that consists of portable devices which are connected on the V-Mount connectors of the cameras in the field and a scalable server side software. The concept is based on the use of multiple 3G/4G bonded networks or Wi-Fi connections which replace the complex and heavy DSNG and DENG infrastructures and the costly satellite contribution links. Performance and reliability over low data-rate networks are main hallmarks of MODEO solution. The unit is compact, lightweight, and rugged chassis can be deployed in minutes.

Simply How It Works:

The camera (or source) is connected to the Modeo Live Client over SDI/HDMI/ANALOG. The stream is encoded and transmitted to the your server via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or LAN. From the server you can pass the streaming via SDI card where ever you want.. Then the video will be distributed.

Business Benefits

  • Real Time High Quality Video Encoding.
  • Robust transmission of Video/Audio.
  • Few second time to air.
  • Ability to bond multiple different 3G/4G Networks by using internal/external 3G/4G modem modules.
  • Auto configuration mode.
  • Intercom functionality with the field crew.
  • Very low operational cost.
  • Track camera crews with online GPS for guadiance and monitoring.
  • Equipped with V-Mount connector in order to plug directly on to the camera V-Mount house.
  • Compact and cost-effective solution.
  • Remote System log.
  • Remote/Local user friendly GUI for monitoring and configuration.
  • Scalable and customizable server side software.