Education is a subject, which holds great importance since the beginning of time. As a result, in all the eras and centuries people wanted to develop innovative ways to improve the quality level of education. In the recent times, due to the COVID-19 situation, shift of education methods started to have become more focused on the online platforms.


Therefore, market started to have increased demand for tools and products that provides online platform advantages. In this context, some technological products started to be used for this purpose, which are:

  • Modeo Video Conferencing,which provides a central cloud conferencing service which provides multi-screen video conferencing for the academicians, teachers and students. 

With the utilization of Modeo Video Conferencing, it is estimated that the satisfaction rate on the online education will be heavily increase for all of its users such as academicians, teachers and students

  • Modeo Encoder Ka, which provides a satellite connection in their broadcasting operations.

With this addition, schools, especially universities, can utilize Mode Encoder Ka with its Ka Band satellite connection to have an improved connection on the distance education.