Energy & oil is an investment and a resource that is very valuable as an asset. As a result, due to its value it is required to take some security measures for the preservation of energy & oil. In this context, developed businesses, which are focused on energy and oil, tend to prefer the best possible security measurements for their companies.


For this purpose, usage of some technological tools became preferred to increase the security measurements. Some of these products are:

  • MOBIoT, which provides broadband live video and data connection, which is essential for the protection and security owing to the fact that if it is required to protect some asset, 

Information about the asset as much as possible all needed for all time periods. With its mobile live surveillance applications and its usage with vehicle security gateway, MOBIoT provides a security level increase that no other provides.

  • Modeo Drone, which help security forces to control the area of the asset by monitoring it from the drone’s live stream. 

With this attribute, in case of an alarm of the asset or probability of a security threat, Modeo Drone can be utilized with the level of protection it offers by monitoring the asset from the air and having a better chance to analyze the operation.