Finance & Banking in the current days is a requirement for all the people due to the world system. Because of this need, people demand to reach their financial assets easily. Due to its nature, when something is easy to access, generally it is harder to manage the security of that asset. 


Consequently, finance & banking area needs safety measurements, especially in one of the easiest way to access financial assets, which is ATM Machines. To solve this issue, MOBIoT provides increase in the security level in the fields of;

  • Broadband live video and data connection, which is essential for the protection and security. 

Owing to the fact, if it is required to protect financial assets, information about the asset as much as possible all needed for all periods. With its mobile live surveillance applications 

  • Solution to protect the misconduct of financial assets. 

After the MOBIoT’s security management, it is essential for the banks to take immediate response to the issue to have better satisfaction rate according to the security level.