Security in all of the areas of life is essential and necessary. Because of this need, police forces were formed to meet the demand and necessity of the security issue. As the years went since its establishment, due to the innovations in the technology. 


Consequently, police started to look for easy way of monitoring live events from a remote operation area. In this context, MOBIoT is a product that provides these needs. MOBIoT as a product offers:


  • Broadband live video and data connection,which is essential for the protection and security 

Owing to the fact that if it is required to protect some asset, information about the asset as much as possible all needed for all time periods 

  • MOBIoT, with its mobile live surveillance applications and its usage with vehicle security gateway, provides a security level increase that no other provides. 

Consequently, these factors play a huge role in the security systems for the police.