Sports are a method of entertaining and uniting all kinds of people all around to world for a common cause. As the technology increases, sports also shifted towards utilizing these innovative methods to both broadcast at a better quality and balancing the equality level on the play field. 


In this context, technological tools and devices especially focused on the broadcasting area started to be used. These products are such as: 

  • MOBIoT with its compact design and superior data transmission capability, provides viewers better quality thanks to its broadband IoT connection and with combining with multiple networks.
  • Mode Live ML33 Plus with its mobile video communication and sensor connectivity, is a product that can be a good asset for sports & entertainment industry.
  • Modeo Drone with its potential for transmitting live video from air, it can be used in some major sports such as football(soccer) and baseball to investigate some positions and having a better and more fair decision within the sport.