Transportation is a requirement for all cities to and due to its necessity in daily life, it is a concept that follows the innovations in the technology. 


In this context, some technological products which can be used in innovative ways become more and more demanded. These products are such as,


  • MOBIoT,which is a perfect fit because of its properties that provide service for transportation with multiple networks and using more than one GSM line, providesability to manage all of the user’s applications, including video transfers from the operation centers.

 This feature is a perfect fit for public transportation and can be used to improve the quality of satisfaction rate of the people using public transformation

  • Modeo Drone with its potential for transmitting live video from air, can be used for a potential route targeting or deducing potential shortcuts in the transportation process. 

This feature offers a potential optimization in the transportation aspect, with promising critical reduction in the traffic part of the problem.