Autonomous cars is a concept that tries to solve the human related problems in the travelling area all around the world. With increasing technologies and potential for exponential growth, tools such as IoT devices and A.I implementations holds a great potential.


MOBIoT, to fulfill these purposes, offers:

  • Data transmission capability with its multiple transmission channels, provides continuous transmission of high density data over wireless networks 

This factor plays a critical part for the autonomous cars sector. As a result, autonomous cars can have easier access to update their algorithm with managing and using the big data to provide better algorithms for the A.I. In this context, transmission of data is an essential part of the quality of autonomous cars. 

  • Provides Censor and GPS communication with the option of bonding with multiple different networks.

 As a result, in the autonomous cars sector and usage, MOBIoT offers an improved system for the GPS usage, which is essential for the improvement of autonomous cars.

In addition, due to the transmission of high-density data over wireless networks, A.I have the capability of developing its algorithm thanks to the faster data entry to its database. With faster data entry, A.I constantly develops its quality and have the capability of utilizing better GPS communication continuously with an increasing rate.