Mobile broadcasting is an area where continuous increasing in innovations happen in the sector. As a result, these innovations requires new methods that provide steady and reliable broadcasting tools. For this purpose, there is a need for improvement in this area.


In this area, broadcasting products with features such as data transmission and better satellite connection is beneficial. As a result, some prodcuts are preferred in these areas such as:


  • Modeo Live ML33 Plus is the latest and the most reliable product of all Modeo. Modeo Live ML33 Plus provides broadband video-data transmission which result in uninterrupted high quality broadcasts.

This feature of Modeo Live ML33 Plus is a perfect fit for live mobile broadcasting and broadcasters from all around the world will benefit from it.

  • Mode Encoder Ka is also very beneficial for live broadcasters whom can get the opportunity to afford a Ka Band satellite connection in their broadcasting.

Because of this usage, broadcasters can benefit from real time high quality video encoding and broadband bonding. In addition to that, broadcasters can be on air within one minute, which is a very essential bonus for live broadcasters