Smart city is a concept of building a city of smart tools such as smart transportation, smart energy and smart health strategies combined. In this smart city concept, some technological products holds the potential to enable a satisfaction rate for both the people and the city as a whole.


With the utilization of the products related to this goal, a city with utilized technological innovations might change the concepts even big as cultural. To fulfill this goal, technological products can be implemented in this city concept such as:

  • MOBIoT, which offers cloud,based IoT applications that can be utilized.

Owing to the MOBIoT as a product, it aims to transmit the data with its multiple transmission channels and transmission of video and high-density data. As a result, as a product, MOBIoT holds great potential in the smart city concept.

  • Modeo Video Conferencing offers a central cloud conferencing service which provides multi-screen video conferencing for its users and it holds a great potential in the communication system in the smart city concept 

As a part of the smart city concept, this cloud based video conferencing method can be easily accessed and used, thanks to its user friendliness and cloud based nature.