VR360 & AR


Reality is a concept that all of us as humans want to experience to the fullest especially in the technology area. As a result, concept such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality comes to all of us as fascinating. 
In areas such as watching movies, watching sports, watching live concerts and playing games, future holds great potential in these areas. As a result, in the areas of broadcasting, it is forecasted that at the future demand will be dramatically increase for these areas with the improvement of new technologies. With the implementation of broadcasting tools, for example, MOBIoT, VR and AR technologies might be implemented to the greater potentials in the fields of:

  • Increasing the quality of the sight presented
  • Increasing the sensation of the experience
  • Decreasing disturbing factors such as outside voice.

Another example in this matter is, Modeo Video Conference, which can benefit from the improvement of VR and AR technologies,

In the future, combination of these two technologies might help people experience reality with other people such as meeting them face to face.